Peel Out! Shipping Label Sheets can be used for most of what the M.O.M.® (Multichannel Order Manager, formerly Mail Order Manager) requires you to print out:

  • Print Packing Lists with a peel off barcode label
  • Organize Inventory and speed Order fulfillment with peel off barcode/address label
  • Use the paper part of the label sheet for the packing slip (or invoice) and the label part for the shipping label
  • Use them as part of your license plate system by using the paper part of the sheet for a packing list and the label part for your license plate barcode

Using label combination sheets can help you avoid some of the common shipping errors. Dydacomp®’s Multichannel Order Manager® can assist you in everything from eCommerce to inventory. Using label sheets in addition to the Multichannel Order Manager® can speed order fulfillment and increase order accuracy.

The shipping label sheets are cost effective for all business; from small home businesses to large corporations. Both B2B businesses and B2C businesses require inventory management and shipping labels in order to keep their businesses running efficiently.

We have a form designed to work with M.O.M.® that makes it easy to print out your invoices and shipping labels directly from Multichannel Order Manager® without having to worry about taping the labels on.


Peel Out! Shipping Label Sheets™ are not endorsed by, or affiliated with M.O.M.®

MAILORDER MANAGER® and M.O.M.® are trademarks of Dydacomp®

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Print Packing Slip Labels and Shipping Labels on Same Sheet