eCommerce is constantly expanding and it’s getting harder and harder for some businesses to keep up. Over the past few years it has become increasingly desirable to fill orders faster so that the company is able to handle the increasing traffic. Time is a valuable commodity. Printing sheets with adhesive labels and packing slips eliminates wasting time cutting and taping your shipping labels onto your packages, especially if you are shipping large number of orders.

All companies from small home businesses to large order fulfillment centers can save time and increase accuracy if they print shipping labels and packing slips on the same sheet.

When you print directly from your home or office printer onto the label, you eliminate the need to buy specialty label printers that can cost you more than you save. You’ll also eliminate the need to buy special printer labels to go with your specialized label printer.

Using Peel Out! Shipping Label Sheets™ to print shipping labels allows you to:

  1. Tailor the shipping label packing slip to your own custom format
  2. Speeds up order fulfillment by reducing the number of reference sheets per order
  3. Save money by not having to buy a special label printer or special printer labels for it
  4. Not be restricted by a specific eCommerce service
  5. Print the shipping label and packing slip on one sheet
  6. Don’t have to cut and tape the label; just print, peel, and stick
  7. Lowers the risk of getting the shipping label and packing slip mixed up for different customers and/or orders


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Print Packing Slip Labels and Shipping Labels on Same Sheet